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Thread: Can't map controller to ZSNES

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    Default Can't map controller to ZSNES

    I encountered a problem with ZSNES that could only be fixed by uninstalling and re-installing the emulator.

    Ok, now that I've reinstalled in the emulator, it's time to map my Xbox 360 controller so that the controls will feel more natural.

    However, the buttons aren't responding! When I try to map them, I can press the buttons until the cows come home, but the emulator does not respond!

    The controller works; it works on my other emulators. Why won't ZSNES respond to it?

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    Default Re: Can't map controller to ZSNES

    Znes is not really a windows app. Its ported from dos. So there are issues that pop up. I'm sure there is a work around but IMO, just use snes9x.
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    Default Re: Can't map controller to ZSNES

    Try SNES9X - fewer problems!!

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    Default Re: Can't map controller to ZSNES

    Try using the latest ZSNES versions (1.5x). They work fine and I'm also using an Xbox 360 controller.

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    Default Re: Can't map controller to ZSNES

    Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling just delete a config file[cfg], I think its the "zinput.cfg" file also keep a backup one that works so that way when it goes haywire just copy, paste & overwrite it.
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