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Thread: Dolphin won't work.

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    Default Dolphin won't work.

    I've downloaded the Dolphin emulator, and I extracted all the files to a "dolphin" folder on my desktop.

    However, when I go to that folder and double click the application, it says that I'm missing a file. Re-installing the program could fix the problem.

    However, no matter how many times I re-download it, it still gives me the same problem.

    So I thought, ok, maybe I have a 64-bit OS, and I'm downloading the 32-bit version. Nope. When I do that, if I try to start up the application, it says that this program isn't compatible with my version of windows.

    Where do I get this additional file that I need?

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    Default Re: Dolphin won't work.

    it says that I'm missing a file.
    - So whats the file? If its a DLL just download it and put it in the folder.
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