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Thread: DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow

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    Default DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow

    im trying to play zelda phantom hourglass and its in really slow motion and i dont know how to speed it up. and its not the rom ive tried others too and its still slow.

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    Default Re: DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow

    What you can try is enabling skipping frames, it makes emulation much faster.

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    Default Re: DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow

    Or post the specs of the PC you're trying to run it on. Often the issue is with the PC hardware or operating system and nothing to do with the emulator.

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    Default Re: DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow

    you could try using NO$SGBA this works fine for me and my computer is quite old too

    how much RAM and Ghz have you got if its too low it wont work

    you need at least 512 RAM and 1.7 Ghz for desmume to work well

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    Default Re: DeSmuMe 0.9.7 really slow

    To make DeSmuMe faster:
    Config > 3D Settings > "SoftRasterizer", Check "...Edge Making", "...Fog" and uncheck "Unrealistically..." > Okay

    Config > Sound Settings > Synchronization Mode choose "Synchronous..." and choose "N" or "Z" or "P" > Interpolation "None" or "Linear"

    Config > Frame Skip > Uncheck ?Limit Framerate? > (For faster speed) > Auto Skip or Fixed Skip > Adjust to "1" to "3" or higher [Note: Lower is smooth and Higher is Choppy]
    This was for DeSmuMe 0.9.5, but the same settings might be in DeSmuMe 0.9.7. Most people don't change the settings and DeSmuMe's default 3D Renderer is OpenGL which is a High Quality settings compared to SoftRasterizer.
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