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Thread: Need help with VBA link. How to trade myself?

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    Default Need help with VBA link. How to trade myself?

    I have read a few guides and got the thing to work once but im still having problem with the whole save file. im trying to trade with myself using 2 different save files of firered. i put them in 2 seperate folders. The problem is, when i save. There are always 2 save files so sa1 and sa2 in both folders. When i try to trade myself, one of them will have a circuit error. What am i doing it wrong?

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    Default Re: Need help with VBA link. How to trade myself?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lukong View Post
    I don't think VisualBoy Advance has the ability to connect like NO$GBA does and NO$GBA could only allow you to connect to yourself [NO$GBA: Right-Click > Link].

    In VisualBoy Advance 1.8.0 beta3 they took out the feature of linking because they figure out like everyone else that the linking feature doesn't work.

    The only emulator, NO$GBA [DS emulator], is able to connect GBA to GBA. NO$GBA 2.6a [The newest], has a problem with GBA roms and doesn't play them as good as VisualBoy Advance when it comes to going through fog in Pokemon.

    So just Use GBAtoNO$GBA Battery Converter, to convert NO$GBA's save to GBA's save, change the extension from NO$GBA's to VBA's so you could to get pass Fog scenes [Graveyard Building & Caves].

    When you would like to connect, drop GBA's save file in NO$GBA's battery folder with the NO$GBA's save type used and connect [F11 > Emulation >Multiboot Port > LPT3/3BCH & Right-Click > Click Link to connect]

    Also what's great about Cheat Engine and Turbo Keys it makes Pokemon Contests & Pokeblock Blender very easy. As for Record Center...there is no music in my life, silence is golden...I usually have my volume turn off...
    When connecting with yourself with NO$GBA:
    1. Copy & Paste your the Game's Save File
    2. Change the extension of the copy of the Save file from sav to sv2 [I think if you 2nd link you'll see it] this becomes a 2nd Link Save File
    3. Change the name of the 2nd Link Save File to the same one as the Game's Save File
    4. Then Connect with NO$GBA
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