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Thread: M.A.M.E. UI for windows32 missing files

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    Default M.A.M.E. UI for windows32 missing files

    I have MAMEUI and I have a "RAIDEN FIGHTERS JET" zip
    and I put inside the roms folder of MAME
    but when I try to play the game all I get is multiple "NOT FOUND" for


    any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Default Re: M.A.M.E. UI for windows32 missing files

    Lots of games in Mame have several version or variants of the game rom (US, EU, World, Jap, Bootlegs etc). What mame does is just have all the game files in a single rom (called the parent rom). All other versions of the game just contain the few files that are different (clone roms) basically so people don't have to have hundreds of roms all containing the same code over and over again.

    In the case of Raiden Fighters Jet, the parent rom is without that in the mame/roms folder none of the other versions of the rom will work. If you put in your mame/roms folder then will start working.

    If you're using MameUI when you look at the game list you'll see a column called 'cloneof'. If there's no entry in that column then that rom is the parent. If there is a romname in that column then that is the rom you need to download to make all the other versions of a game work.

    Hope that helps.
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