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Thread: Chrono Cross - Can't 'start new game'

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    Unhappy Chrono Cross - Can't 'start new game'

    Okay, so i've been dying to play Chrono Cross for a while now, and finally got around to actually doing something about it [was going to order it online... buttt....]

    Okay, so i'm using pSX, i got all the junk working now. Fixed the controler up so i know what buttons are what. I start the game, get to the 'press start' portion, past that, and then when there is the 'new game' or 'continue game' screen it will let me toggle between the two, but not choose one...

    Any help [fast help :] ] would be appreciated. I tried pressing ALL the buttons, from the triange, x, squage, and O to start and select...

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