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Thread: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

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    Exclamation Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    Okay, so I'm using an R4, and I downloaded the US rom of Pokemon Soul Silver. The problem is that the game freezes every once in a while. Usually in transitions to and from battles and stuff like that. But sometimes, it just seems like it does it randomly.

    I heard the Japanese rom had the same problem, but that someone made a fix for it. Cuz I know that the japanese rom works great.

    Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem on the US rom as well. If someone knows or have heard anything, please tell me! Thank you so much.
    Oh, and I'm not really experienced when it comes to stuff like this, so if the answer's really obvious, don't make me feel bad about it, okay? =P

    Thanks and bye. =)

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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    you have to find a code for non black window

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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    ^ No, that would solve nothing, Alexander. If you read Yoshi's post better, you'd clearly see he isn't having the black screen problem.

    Sadly Yoshi, this IS a problem that is still unsolved. There is no fix available yet that stops the random crashes for Soul Silver OR Heart Gold, and as far as I know, it doesn't matter which language/region your game is; they're all broken if you're playing on emulator. Either there needs to be a patch made for the game, or the emulators themselves to solve the problem.

    I have the exact same problem, as does anyone else trying to play this on emulator (I mostly get completely random crashes like you, but trying to save the game causes me problems too). Many out there are working on fixing this, and some talented folk have it partially solved resulting in much fewer crashes... but they're far from perfect at the moment. Stay tuned.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    but that code fix both things

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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    Wrong again. That code ONLY fixes the black screen freeze at the very start of the game. Any crashes that occur after that are still going to happen just the same; completely unrelated to the black screen fix/code. And again, if you're playing SS or HG on any emulator (and you play long enough), you're going to get random crashes until a true fix is released.

    A number of people on youtube are claiming they have a 100% crash-free fix for the American version roms up for download, but they're all hoaxes and viruses. Be sure to keep away from these files.

    And no offense Alexander, but giving advice on a topic you aren't familiar with and spreading misinformation doesn't help anybody.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    I sure hope they get a fix on this quite soon, So far I can't even MAKE saves, Much more have problems with the crashing upon save.
    The ".sav" file just doesn't even show up when I make saves, Spent like 5 hours getting the first 8 badges or so, And when I loaded the game back up .. It was on a new game, Pissed me off pretty bad. lol.. And does anybody know of a legit US rom in all english?

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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    Hey there.... It seems that I have the problem too.. But I not sure it is freezing or what.. Is a micro wave failure.
    But after I download no$zoomer on my no$gba.. No problem at all.. BUT after for sometime a rom crash problem came out, so I am not sure is this the problem all people facing or wat??

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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    Uber1 I don't have any crashes with no$zoomer and that blackfix code probably the copy of your rom is corrupted or something. although try this code it might work.

    It's easy. ID is listed on page 84 now. And the cheat too. And this is how it looks in my cheat.db

    ;Game ID: IPKE 4dffbf91
    ;Pokemon Heart Gold(U)

    [Anti Freeze]
    020DD9E4 E1A00000
    020D3820 E1A00000

    this page is the sourse

    If this code fix your problems please click on my star to give me more reputation.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    Alexander, Could you provide me with Links for the exact emulator you use, And the same rom? I'd like to give your exact copy a shot, Obviously multiple ones I've tried won't save .. And that's like, The ONLY problem .. Except when I got .sav files from others, And tried loading them, And when I clicked on the continue game option the "rom-image has crashed" error came up.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Soul Silver (U) rom problems!

    This might help...

    Working on the Following Cards without Freezes:
    Save often just in case.
    - CycloDS w/ Firmware 1.58B2
    - Acekard2i w/ AKAIO Firmware 1.6RC1
    - Edge/iEdge w/ Firmware 1.9
    - Supercard DSOnei w/ EOS Sp1 and the Firmware patch here:
    - M3/G6 DS Real w/ Firmware 4.8X
    - M3i Zero w/ Firmware 4.8X
    - EZFlash Vi w/ Firmware RC14

    Runs but Freezes (at set intervals based on actions) on the Following Cards/Emulators:
    - R4i SDHC (RTS) w/ Firmware 2.6f

    - DeSmuME 0.9.5 x64
    - No$GBA using the following codes:

    No$GBA Instructions.

    Code: [Select]
    Pokemon HeartGold (U) black screen fix code:
    020DD9E4 E1A00000
    020D3820 E1A00000

    Pokemon Soul Silver (U) black screen fix code:
    020DE16C E1A00000
    020D3FA8 E1A00000

    - Supercard Lite (Slot 2 card)
    Rom patched with Super Card utility on PC.
    Settings -
    Use soft reset
    Real Time Save enabled
    Saver Patch
    Cheats Disabled
    Compress disabled
    - M3 Pro/Lite (Slot 2 card)
    Arm7 Patch on ROM
    Settings -
    Force R/W
    Trim Rom
    Soft Reset

    - DSTT w/ Firmware 1.17a07 (Reported Freezing)
    - DS One w/ EOS SP1 (Reported Freezing)
    - R4 (Reported Freezing)
    - All reported R4DS cards and clones (Reported Freezing), although, there have been some reports that the latest 1.31 firmware works.
    - DeSmuME 0.9.5 x86 (Reported black screens after name selection)


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