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Thread: Would this nettop suit my purpose?

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    Default Would this nettop suit my purpose?

    Hi there,

    This is my first post here so I hope this is being placed in the right forum. I've recently re-discovered my love of old school arcade games. I'm in the market to buy a cheap, small form factor computer with the sole purpose of playing emulators on my larger HDTV as opposed to sitting at a desk with the computer monitor. Specifically, I hope to run MAME (none of the CHD or laserdisk stuff just the older sprite base roms), and emulators for Sega master system, Genesis, SNES, PC-Engine, NES (no PSX or N64 stuff).

    I've been looking at the following devices and would greatly appreciate any helpful advice on whether or not these would serve my purposes well (I want the games to run very smoothly).

    Computer 1

    Computer 2

    Computer 3

    This one is basically the same as the first option but it's in netbook form. Kinda a plus if I want to game on the go as well (but is it safe to tip these things on their sides for vertical shmups?)

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Would this nettop suit my purpose?

    Anything will run what you want perfectly. The prices on NCIX may be a bit lower.
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