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Thread: Why banning violent games doesn't solve anything.

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    Default Why banning violent games doesn't solve anything.

    I know why you're reading this thread. You wanna see what I can come up with - what kind of bullshit I can say that's pro-violent gaming that no one has said before? Well, I'm just gonna recycle a bunch of used ideas because I feel like ranting... Maybe I'll add my own opinion.

    Myth 1: Violent video games encourage violent behavior.

    Reality 1: Violent gaming is actually the least connected with violent behavior. People who are violent are often linked to violent movies or books - many times it is only a coincidence that they are gamers. If that's your reason for banning games, ban everything else then! (No, don't do that... I was just kidding.)

    Myth 2: Children are easily influenced by violent games.

    Reality 2A: WHO BOUGHT THE GAMES? Wait for it... Oh, that's right, PARENTS! If parents can't read a freaking label on the box, they should go back to pre-school. Blaming kids for violence due to playing Halo 3? What kind of idiot parent buys the kid the game anyway? Parents should be blamed, NOT GAMES.

    Reality 2B: Then why not just ban the games, you say? Well, some kids may be impressionable, but others are not. I'm personally 13 years old and I've been playing violent games since I first figured out how to pick up a controller. You don't see me copying any of the incredibly stupid stunts in those games. If your child is impressionable, here's a newsflash: DON'T BUY HIM THE GAME! I believe it is my right as a citizen of the US to play whatever crap I wanna play. If I'm mature enough to handle it, I'm obviously mature enough to tell right from wrong. I'm not gonna give up gaming just because some retard kid can't tell reality from fantasy.

    Myth 3: Banning violent games reduces violence.

    Reality 3: They said that about booze too. What happened? Crime rates went sky-high as enraged citizens turned to back-door alleys to quench their thirst. Banning games? Same thing's gonna happen. Gamers are gonna turn to warez sites and other illegal areas to get their fix. You think passing a law will stop 'em? Think again, government! That may have worked in the '30s (sarcasm cause it was a complete FAILURE), but it's not gonna work today. Even the most newbie gamer knows about warez and abandonware sites and other illegal stuff I can't post. They know how to use them.

    Myth 4: Games make kids immune to the act of killing.

    Reality 4: I play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 all the time. That doesn't make me any more calm when I (god-forbid) will ever be forced to use a gun. Killing someone in a game is not the same in real life. People who believe that are either nutjobs or need to relax and actually play a game for once. If any of those politicians, ANY OF THEM, played a violent game, they'd know that it doesn't inhibit killing.

    That's my rant. Comments, please?

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    Default Re: Why banning violent games doesn't solve anything.

    Heh, kinda preaching to the choir here.
    I hate all of you, especially donkeyknob.

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    Default Re: Why banning violent games doesn't solve anything.

    This is what I think about this I think it does affects some people. What ever happend to the old days of gaming we did not need any real violence all we needed was Mario Clones we was happy lol
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