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Thread: Best flashcart for GBA (GBA SP)?

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    Default Best flashcart for GBA (GBA SP)?

    Hi, I have a lot of games and I was thinking about purchasing a flash card to hold most of my library but I haven't a clue of which to get or where to buy one. On all the websites I've been to sell NDS flash cards that can play GBA roms, but no GBA flash cards for the GBA or SP.
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    Default Re: Best flashcart for GBA (GBA SP)?

    I personally have have Flash2Advance and M3 Perfect. Both work perfectly with GBA,GBA SP and micro.

    Flash2Advance is an old card. Plays everything but a lot of games need to be patched first.

    M3 Perfect plays GBA games and, with a PassMe, works with DS too. Plays everything too but it is bigger from an original GBA card (it is like a GBC card).

    For a lot of info check here
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    Red face Re: Best flashcart for GBA (GBA SP)?

    Ive looked up both and they seem pretty much the same. I just dont know which one is right for me. If it makes a difference i prioritize what im looking for from most to least important from left to right (left being most important).

    Size(how many games it can hold), Emulation performance (GBA games specificly), and lastly the size of the cart which in the long run doesnt mean much to me. Also as far as GBA flash cards go for money is no object.

    Can someone recommend me something that more or less meets my prefrences for a flash card?\

    Thank you for your time in advance (no pun intended)

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