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Thread: Any good PS2 emulators?

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    Default Any good PS2 emulators?

    Just wondering, are there any good PS2 emulators that work well? Or is it not even worth trying?

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    Default Re: Any good PS2 emulators?

    PCSX2 works really well. You'll need a decent PC though.

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    Default Re: Any good PS2 emulators?

    PCSX2, but you need a dual core clocked @ 3GHz to run at full speed.

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    Default Re: Any good PS2 emulators?

    Make sure you put questions or topics in the right section next time.
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    Default Re: Any good PS2 emulators?

    so i downloaded a PS2 emulator and i spent alot of time on google finding KH2 emulator download for the emulator i downloaded but i cant find any!!!

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    Default Re: Any good PS2 emulators?

    You can't ask where to download games. Read the rules.

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