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Thread: iDeaS (NDS) prob.. help o-o?

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    Default iDeaS (NDS) prob.. help o-o?

    Im havin a problem with my iDeaS...
    i downloaded a rom today and.. >.> the top screen is split half or 1/2
    i cant see the mob lawl... its megaman starforce 3 red joker.. o-o
    can help..?
    NOTE:its only at battle mode
    i will post screenshot as soon as i can..
    oh and the iDeaS im using to play --> iDeaS 1027 (1026/1032 beta crashes when I start playing -.-)

    ther it is.. o-o pls help
    btw,if I put this topic at wrong place, im sry o-o i didnt kno wher to put
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