A long time ago, I used to play Perfect Dark and Goldeneye on my N64. To me, the multiplayer action was about the most fun I had when I was younger.

Now years later, I started thinking about how much fun it was and wondered if it was possible to play the same game online. I researched it a little and it appears that there is technology to let people compete against each other in several games.

I found a website (perfect dark forever) to be the most helpful so over the weekend, I downloaded some things and followed the instructions and now I have been able to play Perfect Dark on my laptop at home. It?s been cool to relive that game (solo missions, challenges, etc). But I have not been successful in playing the multi-player version online.

I should tell you that I know nothing about this technology. I first learned what an emulator was this weekend when reading several websites.

I downloaded Mupen64K, Mane ++, and something called Project 64. I?m not sure if that was smart to download all of these but I just didn?t know what to do.

I pretty much play the one player version on Mupen64K, and it works great.

But to play multi-player has not worked for me. If I understand correctly (and I dont know if I do), this Kaillera seems to be the way to do this. I have entered both the old kaillera and kaillera but seem to get lost from here.

I start clicking around and everytime I see Perfect Dark or Goldeneye (I even tried Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat) I cant seem to get into a game. I understand what a ROM is and I have the Goldeneye and PD ROMS and since the single person version works I assume thats not my problem.

I think I just dont understand Kaillera, how to navigate it? Or how to enter a game? Pretty much anything involving Kaillera?

Is that my problem?

Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. Maybe its not even possible to play against others in those games.

Anybody know of any tutorials I could find to help me play against others online?