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Thread: Mugen Mortal Kombat Project question....

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    Default Mugen Mortal Kombat Project question....

    Hey guys I have been messing around with the many MK Project Mugen games and love them a lot. However I am getting driven crazy by the fact that I can not continue the darned game after being defeated and the game says continue I click start and the Mugen restarts? I have researched this many times and can not come up with a fix for this. If anyone can help me with this I would be ever so happy.

    P.S. I also seem to have this issue with some of the regular 2d sprite based mugen games. Again researched but no real fixed ever found.

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    Default Re: Mugen Mortal Kombat Project question....

    Mortal Kombat Project is still in Beta, so answers to this we cannot say.
    What is the problem with 2D sprites?

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