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    Is it possible to run FFVII fullscreen on the PSX Emulator without stretching the graphics?

    If not, is it possible in ePSXe? And what would I have to do? Im using a 19 inch 1280x1024 lcd on this computer.

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    You can certainly do it with ePSXe. Use a graphics plugin like Pete's OpenGL2 and it has a raft of options that will display the graphics perfectly in full screen, it will also use your videocard to anti-alias it if you like, making the game look more like a PS2 title.

    PSX uses far more faithful 1:1 emulation so doesn't employ any graphical trickery, meaning full screen (especially on a widescreen) and high res will tend to make the game look like a dogs dinner. PSX only really works well in a window or displayed on a proper CRT TV.
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    Got it figured out for the most part, however the video clips during FF7 are still somewhat fuzzy, I have the option at the bottom of Pete's OpenGL2 for movies clicked on but no good

    Thanks for the input btw, I'm really excited to get to play some of my old favorites again, as well as check out all those dope ass RPGs that I never got around to back then. Trying to start with a playthru of FF7 =p
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