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Thread: How to add a save game file from PC to my PS3?

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    Default How to add a save game file from PC to my PS3?

    Well ,i am playing heavenly sword and its a beautiful game, but when it comes to FPS scenes(i never play any FPS,i don't like the genre) i cannot beat the 27 Scenario. So i found a PS3 save file over the net ,and it was .ZIP and when i extract in my PC just to see how it is ,i can see only PNG DAT PFD SFO etc so i am guessing i just need to copy it with a USB to my HDD?

    But i am not sure as i read over the net the PS3 HDD is encrypted so i can do nothing with it ,otherwise it will already had a chip by now. I am confused.

    So if anyone has done this, please tell me how ?

    Already beaten the game both in Normal and Hell mode thanks to the EU version of the save game. It was really easy. Just transfer the directory to my SAVEDATA UTILITY.
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    What was I thinking, i can watch BLU RAY with my PS3, and the game prices has dropped significantly,so i am happy again with my PS3!

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