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Thread: Running ePSXe with ISO problem

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    Hi, I was on here earlier with problems playing final fantasy VII with the original disks on my PC. Fattrucker recommended me making ISO's of the disks because a lot of modern drives have problems reading the Playstation disks. I took his advice and most of the problems I was having did go a way, but since using the ISO's I have noticed that the game its self appears to run slower. I created the ISO with CloneCD, I do not have then burned onto a disk, I simply have then in a folders named Final Fantasy VII and VIII. I took some advice on creating a Playstation ISO I found on another emulation site. The graphhics looks smoother and I no longer get freezes when I enter new areas. But espucaly during battle now, the music and characters slow down considerable which did not happen with the Playstation disks. Since switching to the ISO's my emulatore its self has froze twice and even ctrl + alt + del will not unfreeze it, you must simply press the power button and turn your computer off then reboot. I have never had any of these problems before and I have been using a version of ePSXe for a few years now. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

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    Make sure that your disc is working correctly and that you don't have any disc-consuming programs running in the background (like avg's and such).

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