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Thread: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

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    Default how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    I have tried to configure some Dreamcast emulators and have had no luck. Is there a way to properly get them to work to run games such as Marvel v. Capcom 2, Shenmue, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, and some others?

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    Perhaps the games that you tried to self-boot there you do not need to use the boot cd to work as the original Dreamcast

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    i couldnt even get the emulator itself to work much less the games...

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    You need the emulator and the emulator bios. When both are put into the same folder the emulator should at least boot to the DC menu screen.

    Following that you need to set up your virtual VMU's (memory cards), graphics and controller plugins and finally setup the path to your CD-rom drive or virtual drive if you are mounting disk images with something like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.

    Most of this has been covered multiple times so might be worth taking 15 minutes with the search function on these boards if you need more info on the above.

    If you still get stuck then post back here with the emulator and version, your PC specs, what you've done and what errors you're experiencing.

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?


    i am using chankast and have got to the dc start page with play, file, music, settings etc..

    not sure how to load games.. i have set the drive to my F: drive (im using ISO Buster at the moment couldnt get daemon or powerISO to open the .CDI file. when i click play 'please insert game disc' appears...

    also getting 'cant read TOC from f: drive' error

    what am i missing or doing wrong?

    any help is much appreciated.

    sorry if theres a tutorial thread but i couldnt find one.
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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    Try the xxx plugin and not the aspi plugin.

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?


    thanks! that fixed my TOC error....also now using Alcohol 120%...

    but still getting 'please insert game disk' when trying to play. when i start it usually goes straight to play an audio cd, u know what i mean?

    are all DC roms a .CDI filetype?

    also sound appears to be choppy and repeating (like a crash sound)

    thanks again

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?


    Is the game a self-bootable type? If not you need some kind of boot cd. A popular one seems to be the Dreamcast Utopia Boot CD. Can't tell you where to get it though since I don't know if it's legal. Maybe a moderator can enlighten me on that subject?

    DC games aren't roms in the true sense of the word. They are images of the game discs. They can be in various formats. I have some in CDI and some in regular Bin/Cue-format.

    As for the sound I can't really help you there. Are you meeting (or preferably exceeding) the minimum system requirements for Chankast?

    All in all I recommend you try NullDC or Demul. Chankast hasn't been updated for nearly 4 years and NullDC and Demul have made a lot of progress. And since DC emulation isn't perfected yet, some games that don't work in one emulator might work in another. It's good to have options. (Though I never touch Chankast...)

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    ok thanks.

    i have tried runinng the utopia boot discs 1.1 and 1.3 but they do the same and on start up it goes to the play cd part, once again click on play it says 'insert game disc'.
    i thought if the game was the problem then surely the boot disc would work? what filetype is your boot disc? mine is cdi, nrg or img file. perhaps it is another problem?

    i will try another emulator if this doesnt work but i have a feeling it is something else wrong if the boot discs dont even load correctly.

    thanks for the quick reply

    also do i need the same dc bios and flash files for NullDC?
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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    ok im able to run crazy taxi 2 on nulldc... ...

    couple of questions...

    controller configure doesnt pick up my windows control pad commands

    can i change the windowed resolution size? i can see how to change the fullscreen res' .. also how do i switch to fullscreen.

    again thanks for the tips
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