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Thread: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    At the moment they are still waiting for someone to write a new gamepad plugin for NullDC.

    In the meantime, you can get around the issue by downloading XPadder. This is an app that converts your gamepad input into keyboard input. (basically you set up Xpadder so when you press 'up' on your gamepad it converts the signal to the keyboard 'z' key for example).

    One you've mapped whatever keys you want to your gamepad, go into the NullDC controller config and input the keys that correspond to the inputs you defined for your gamepad with Xpadder.

    You can now use your gamepad with NullDC (this app will also work with any other program that allows you to define keyboard controls)

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    i have now downloaded and using xpadder to change my keyboard keys to gamepad.

    question still remains about the change of resolution and fullscreen tho.

    thanks for the help ive made progress tonight

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    Exclamation Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    Need help with configuring my xbox 360 wired controller for lxdream. My controller works on all my other emulators but this one. Please help.

    Quote Originally Posted by FatTrucker View Post
    You need the emulator and the emulator bios. When both are put into the same folder the emulator should at least boot to the DC menu screen.

    Following that you need to set up your virtual VMU's (memory cards), graphics and controller plugins and finally setup the path to your CD-rom drive or virtual drive if you are mounting disk images with something like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.

    Most of this has been covered multiple times so might be worth taking 15 minutes with the search function on these boards if you need more info on the above.

    If you still get stuck then post back here with the emulator and version, your PC specs, what you've done and what errors you're experiencing.

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    Default Re: how to configure dreamcast emulators?

    Just confirming this, isn't lxdream for linux/mac only? Can't help there sorry.

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