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Thread: Play ROms on Official SNES

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach View Post
    I'm still wondering why no one has invented a special loader interface that jacks console CART slots to a PC Serial/USB/whatever port.

    Yeah it's not the PRETTIEST thing in the world to imagine, but beats having to go through the CART mess and get the proper size, etc.. and for games like Starfox, etc with SFX chips loading it directly off a hard disk would allow the console to still play them.
    I was wondering the same thing, looking at all those crazy USB devices you can imagine...

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    It should not be technologically simple, although it is true that such an interface is missing. While to continue playing online here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcoatjez View Post
    You will need a SNES copier. You're lucky, since SNES copiers are much easier to get than NES ones (I have 6 of them).
    Check sites like eBay (you have to get lucky, since th filezilla uc browser rufus ey're mostly forbidden there) or order one from Tototek.
    BTW, you will need a decent size memory to play them. F.e. with a 16MB copier you can only play 2MB ROMs and smaller. Just devide the memory by 8 (Bit/Byte difference) to get the size of the ROMs you can play. Also, most copiers don't support special chip games, like Star Fox.
    to play Roms on the Actual system. I found a Cartridge for the NES that allows you to put roms on it then play it in the NES, but I cant find one for the SNES.
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    You could use something like this, I understand that you just put the roms into memory and voila. but I don't know if the games run as they should

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