I want to know what you all think about The Golden Compass movie.

This is what they had to say about it

When one does a search on “The Golden Compass” in any search engine he is overwhelmed with the amount of material that has been written in connection with this movie. There are clearly two sides to the comments – the ‘secular society’ who have mixed reviews and judge it on the theatrical elements and story lines; and the ‘Christian community’ who is equally divided although the majority of reviews tend to indicate that it’s a movie that serves a bigger purpose.
Unless you’ve been under a rock of late, ‘The Golden Compass’ is based on the first book of a trilogy called His Dark Materials (the first book was originally called Northern Lights) written by British author Phillip Pullman. There is enough in both secular and Christian film reviews to ‘red flag’ this movie before you think about taking your children to see it. Let’s take a look at all the elements and see how they combine for our discernment.

Phillip Pullman - The Author
Phillip Pullman is a British author who is an outspoken atheistic and is also a self-proclaimed agnostic. Pullman belongs to the British Humanist Association and is also a member of the National Secular Society. These alliances alone should give Christian’s a check in their spirits already. Pullman no doubt feels that these are complimentary to his beliefs or ‘non-beliefs’ as they were.
Though parallels have been made with this movie and the Narnia movie, Phillip Pullman’s worldview is completely different from that of C.S. Lewis. In fact, Pullman has never hidden from his anti-God viewpoint and he has openly admitted his books are about killing God. The Dark Materials novels are, according to Pullman, written in response to ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’

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