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Thread: Can't get game to work for gba emulator

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    Default Can't get game to work for gba emulator

    My Pokemon emerald won't work for my visualboyadvance and I was wondering if I could get some help. What happens is I open the emulator, then I open the rom through the emulator, then the screen goes black for less than a second then it goes white and does't change afterward. Any help?

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    Default Re: Can't get game to work for gba emulator

    If your rom a good one ?

    Also try the VBA-M project

    Our Project Goals Our goal is to improve upon VisualBoyAdvance by integrating the best features from the various builds floating around. Unfortunately work on the “official” project seems to have stalled. Independent developers have added excellent features to VBA, but seem to have done so individually. The source codes for many of these forks seem to be abandoned, outdated or missing altogether. We aim to preserve all of the hard work done by these developers to make the already great VisualBoyAdvance even better!

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    Smile Re: Can't get game to work for gba emulator

    ok till me this are you going to file then open gameboy and going to the folder that the game is in?????

    if you can see it in that folder then minimize vba and go to the folder or where ever the game file is right click it then go to open with then look for vba if its not there then go to other... and go find the vba file click on it and then click open if it works and you dont want to repeat all of that then right click your game file then go to properties you well see the file icon and to the right of it there well be a button that says change... then look for the vba file and it sud be in that row now its the 1 that has the gba icon and it says....
    visualboyadvance emulator click it 1s and then click ok and there you go when ever you want to play your game it well be in the same spot you had it be for in less you moved it well where ever it is the file icon be a white piece of paper with the top right corner folded forward and a gba icon on that piece of paper.
    i hope this helped.

    there are only 2 ways that i know to open and play games on a VBA and here thay are....

    the way i just told you before,i hope this helped
    file open gameboy click in game file then open

    if none of those work then get a new rom but dont go to the website coolroms
    cuzz alot of there roms are locked by some program

    P.S. all ways make sure to scan your computer for viruses or scan the file you just downloaded to make the scan short but scan your computer any way cuzz you never know and i know it takes so long to scan but if you have a fast computer then you can do stuff well your scanning but i do not recommend it i recommend you close everything but the scanner yes even MSN,yahoo,or what ever chat thingy you have and just let it scan i really do hope this helps you and more ppl peace easy

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    Default Re: Can't get game to work for gba emulator

    I can't get the fast forward to work on any rom

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    Default Re: Can't get game to work for gba emulator

    do you set corect your buttons and they enabled in visual boy advance : options ->emulator->rewind interval then write there so many seconds as you want then press space and you have speedup on vba-m options -> general button is the same space
    this is last time i help someone

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