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Thread: Project64 Problem

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    Default Project64 Problem

    All of a sudden i cannot open project64 and the following pops up:

    Graphics Error
    Direct 3D Failed to intialize
    Error Code: 8876086C

    Then this pops up:

    The default or sleceted video plugin is missing or invalid

    Check that you have atleast one compadable plugin file in your plugin folder

    It has worked for me up untill 2 weeks ago and i have no idea what i did...
    Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: Project64 Problem

    If it was working and now it doesn't, presuming your GPU is still working ok its probably Graphics driver or Direct-X related. You could try re-installing both to replace anything that might have been changed or missing (installing other software like PC games etc can sometimes cause this).

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    Default Re: Project64 Problem

    I re-downloaded both but i am still getting the same issues...

    How can i see if my gpu is working properly?

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    Default Re: Project64 Problem

    Click on Start, then Run. Type in dxdiag and then click on the Display tab. Make sure everything is supported and enabled.

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    Default Re: Project64 Problem

    OKay, I might just post in this thread.

    When im starting super smash 64 i get this message "Failed in creation of play buffer 1"

    Ive re-downloaded super smash 3 times and still get the same message, and it worked just yesterday!

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