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Thread: Model 2 0.7a - Controls for 2x instances

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    Default Model 2 0.7a - Controls for 2x instances

    Hello, I'm new here!

    At the moment I'm experimenting with the M2 Emu + Link function:
    The multiplayer mode works perfectly with 1x PC. You can even use 2 Displays in Dualview mode for each player.
    But the only problem is you can't control 2 screens (windows) at the same time...
    Is there any solution how to fix that?

    Thx in advance
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    Default Re: Model 2 0.7a - Controls for 2x instances

    Yeah , I had a similar problem once. I wanted to play CastleVania (no spaces: inside joke) and my girl wanted to surf the net. I needed focus to my window and so did she..

    The is no fix, only that the emulator allows function to continue when window loses focus. Some emulators do that, just have to hope they add that option if not done already. Look for focus controls.
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    Default Re: Model 2 0.7a - Controls for 2x instances

    Your best bet is to go to Nebula forum. They are only one who works on it that can answer your question 110%.

    Go to their forum. The developers for Model 2 0.7a can help you there. They are better than us.

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