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Thread: burning games to play on the dreamcast?

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    Default burning games to play on the dreamcast?

    i heard you can play back up games on the dc without a modchip or the need for any kind of boot disc! is this true?

    if it is how do you do it so i can get my dreamcast out the attic!

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    Default Re: burning games to play on the dreamcast?


    You can play a backup on a Dreamcast without anything but the backup, but it has to be a self-boot backup as in .cdi. If it isn't a self-boot backup, you need to use a Boot Disc. One that I recommend is the Utopia Boot Disc, which can be found easily by using Google. This boot disc is self-boot, so it can boot non-self-boot games. It can also be bought on the internet but there is no point.
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