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Thread: Problem with PCSX2 bios

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    Default Problem with PCSX2 bios

    I just downloaded PCSX2, got some plugins, and some bios.

    When I try running a game, the program tells me that erom is not found. Then, the program lets me select a bin file from my bios folder, and when I select one, it encounters a problem and crashes, and gives me a Windows error report.

    Here are the bin files in my folder:

    PS2 bios 30004r v6 pal

    I'm using a PCSX2 0.9.4.
    Am I missing something here?
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    Default Re: Problem with PCSX2 bios

    Yes, you need erom file that went with bios. You are missing erom file. Dont ask where for it is illegal here. Google it.
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    Default Re: Problem with PCSX2 bios

    illegal files are not allowed here so you have to search for the pcsx2 bios files from google.

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    Default Re: Problem with PCSX2 bios

    Why is it illegal, since we need it for the bios ? why can we talk about bios and not about PCSX2 ?

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    Default Re: Problem with PCSX2 bios

    Bios files are copyrighted code. You can talk about it but we do not share the files here. A simple search on google can give you the nesesary files.

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    Default Re: Problem with PCSX2 bios

    You can use custom settings from my profile.

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