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Thread: Emulators on Mobile Phones

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    Not directly related but can someone give me the name of the cheapest phone which is capable of emulating mainly SNES, NES and others?

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    see if you can grab a nokia n-gage. Any phone that's Nokia series 60 you want.

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    ive got a nokia 6680 and its a bitch to get emulators working cause most seem to have been made with the nokia 6600 in mind

    the ngage seems to be very good for emulators so id recomend either the ngage or 6600 or if you can afford it a N90 ( really the only nokia phone with enough cpu and memory to run all emulators with sound at full speed )

    Gameboy Advance
    Gameboy Colour ( you can find a free version with no sound if you look around )
    Sega Megadrive

    now the snes emulator barly runs on my phone seriously bad for a comercial product and the GBA emulator doesnt work at all but the gameboy emulator works like a dream and the Megadrive emulator is spot on ( cant play with sounds on )

    all of these emulators cost money but im sure you can !*COUGH*!emule!*COUGH*! find it in yourself to pay the miniscuel fee

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