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    i am running mame classic and it is saying that my ini folder is missing. where can i get one? thanks.

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    You need to click the 'Start' button on your desktop, click 'run' and type cmd.

    This will open a command prompt.

    Now you need to set the command prompt to your mame directory. If your mame folder is located in your C:\ drive for example you would type:

    cd C:\mame

    so it should now look like this:


    now type mame -cc like this

    >C:\mame mame -cc

    This will create the ini file in your mame folder.
    If your mame folder is located somewhere other than C:\mame then you need to use the cd command to get there for example if its in F:\emulators\mame you would need to type:

    cd F:\ <hit return>
    cd F:\emulation <hit return>
    cd F:\emulation\mame <hit return>
    >F:\emulation\mame mame -cc <hit return>

    hope that makes sense.

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