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    Sorry, another post/question.

    I've recently acquired some .bld files, which were labeled for WinKawaks.

    What exactly are they, and how do they work--because i've yet to get them to work in WinKawaks.

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    well i tried to look it up for you.

    unless i am wrong .bld is a 3d building model file used in architecture and computer aided drafting. i found multiple sites that said this is what they were for. i dont know why they would be assigned for emulation.....

    if they dont immediatly open in the emulator they say they are for i would say they are the wrong files.

    kind of a crap shoot but maby you could try to rename them in the correct extension.

    here is what they look like opened in the correct program

    i guess see if that free program opens them, hope that helps
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    bld is also a basic bloadable image, or in shot another type of bmp.
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