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    This is just a thought and forgive me if its been done but i wanted to put this out there just to see if it was sensible and possible for someone (not me because i can't do programming or anything like that).

    What if you had a 'Boot Disc' for your PC and a free Partition or a directory on your Hard Drive set. The Boot Disc allowed Emulation Software on your PC to be located by the Computer and then the PC would boot as the machine (lets say for example a Wii) you wanted along with Support, Drivers and perhaps some kind of Graphical Interface.

    This would mean that all Computer Power would go toward the task at hand (ie; emulation) and not to Windows/Linux and whatever other things you have running. It would also allow for further emulation wouldn't it? Am i way off the mark here lol

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    I think there used to be emulators that ran in DOS back in the stone age but I could be wrong and I'm not sure if they showed any improvement on the windows versions.

    Deffinatly sounds like it should work but you gotta ask if it would then why has noone done it yet?
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    Yeah, there must be a reason its not been done yet or since the DOS Days.

    I suppose there is an advantage in having a full Operating System running in the background, but i thought if you could have the actual firmware/software from the console modified and have that run instead, you'd be well on your way so long as the Hardware was supported. Listen to me waffling hehe, i haven't even looked into this properly, thanks for replying.

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    Default Re: Emulation 'Concept'

    I suppose there is an advantage in having a full Operating System running in the background
    Well first off you need an os to operate anything. So if you didnt have an os there would be no way to communicate with devices. Now DOS, being an os in it's self had sys files you could load to communicate with devices. It had memory managers, but all very primitive. So today it would not work for the hi end emulators. Please dont confuse DOS with command prompt. (not the same)

    i thought if you could have the actual firmware/software from the console modified and have that run instead
    - this is a technique know as HLE. To emulate the hardware and not just the games. Or I could have that backwards with LLE, I for get. .. at any rate. some emulators emulate games by game, and others do the plug-in route and work as a leason (sp?) between the computer API and console. Then there are the emulators that just emulate the hardware part by part.

    Now as far as what is wasted. In the case of windows your right you dont need half that crap. and you certainly could give more to the emulator. There are OS's out there that do this much better (i.e Linux builds). You dont need the GUI, you can close the frigged thing if you want to. but not many people know or like to use linux so thats out.

    If you wanted to make a emu-os you still would need to get the emu authors to write the emulator for your API( that is how they communicate to your OS ).

    So why do emu authors use such an over bloated OS like M$, well because its easy, and its common. Some authors use Linux for the many advantages, and some MAC's.. But if you tried to make a stand alone emu booter thing, you would need to use an already existing OS to even get the emulator to run.

    It is a friggen great idea, and yes its possible. but you need two things. A team to write the OS, and a way to convince emu authors to write the emulators for it.
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