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Thread: Nebula Track remapper question

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    Default Nebula Track remapper question

    When I try to use Nebula's (latest ver. 2.25b) winamp track remapper, it will load the song into win amps playlist, but won't play the song. IT will only repeat the first song in the playlist. For example, if I set the rom's .trk file with the appropriate mp3 I want to use, it will play the first mp3 in winamp's playlist, but when the game changes to a point where the music should change, instead of playing the song I want for that stage, it just restarts the song that is already playing since it's first in the winamp playlist. I'm trying to do this with here's the first two lines of my .trk file. What am I doing wrong?

    00D4=C:\Emulators\ARCADE\newneb\Tracklst\ssf2t\ope ning.mp3
    00D3=C:\Emulators\ARCADE\newneb\Tracklst\ssf2t\gui le.mp3

    thanks in advance to anyone who can solve this challenging obstacle

    edit: I know kawaks has this option, but doesn't let you choose what mp3 to play with any specific tracks in the rom AND it has 2 frames of input delay which is bad for fighting games. Thanks again!
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    Default Re: Nebula Track remapper question

    OK... So If I understand you correct you need a Qsound Player?

    Jukebox v2.9 (275kb), author Elsemi.

    Qplayer 1.4.3 (183kb), author Barry Rodewald.

    maby these help some...

    The Video Game Database

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