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Thread: What does Frame Skip do?

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    Default What does Frame Skip do?

    In regard to the speed of the game, can I control the speed with this Option? The option has numbers from 0-5 and is set at the number one (1). I'm playing the game in Safe Mode and while I think that may be the cause of the doubled speed, someone suggested that I could control the speed or set it through "Frame Skip".

    I wanted to check with you guys first. I have a Visualboy Em, and run it on WinXPSP2-Pro.

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    Default Re: What does Frame Skip do?

    Yes, you can, the higher you set it, 9 being the highest, runs it the fastest, but maybe too fast. Mess with it a bit, try starting from 9 and work backwards until it runs at normal speed, though "Automatic" works best.

    Just a note: all games run at different speeds, so one setting won't work for all.

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    Default Re: What does Frame Skip do?

    Do not confuse frame skipping with throttle speed. Frame skipping allows the emulator to skip a certain number of frames while maintaining the real-time speed. Frame skipping range on VisualBoyAdvance goes from 0 to 9 (0 by default).

    The base FPS rate of VisualBoyAdvance is 60 FPS. When you choose 1, it will skip every 1 frame, making this rate lower (30 FPS). Selecting 2 will make it even lower (20 or 15 FPS) and so on. The game speed won't be affected (no throttle, no slowdown), but it'll look less smooth.

    This is an ideal feature for slower computers. Skipping frames reduce the time CPU takes to process data, making emulation timing more accurrate.

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