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Thread: GBA visual boy advance SPEED problem

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    Default GBA visual boy advance SPEED problem

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new

    okie, here it goes..

    I downloaded the visual boy advance from this site, and pokemon fire red aswell...

    the problem is, that when I try to speed the game up (the "space" button)
    the game is slow, and it lags like hell, and I played other pokemon games and the speed worked well... this is wierd, please help


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    Default Re: GBA visual boy advance SPEED problem

    If those other Pokémon games are for Game Boy Color, then obviously the speed is super fast when pressing the space key. Since Game Boy Advance emulation requires a lot of computer resources, it will be slower.

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    Default Re: GBA visual boy advance SPEED problem

    No, when I say slow, I mean, it's gettign stucked, and lag, now slower
    I played pokemon ruby, which is for GBA, I think.. and the speed worked fine
    and I also tried to paly fire red once with speed and it worked fine

    but now it's not... plz anyone else

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    Default Re: GBA visual boy advance SPEED problem

    Maybe you have old vba version.

    and scroll down until you see 1.8.0 beta 3
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