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Thread: Final Fantasy IX Problem

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    Default Final Fantasy IX Problem

    Okay, so i was playing FFIX and i get to a cinematic.
    It runs for about five seconds, and then the screen goes all messed up and freezes.

    I've tried using different graphic plugins, but if i would have to change a lot of stuff, i wouldn't know how, i'm kinda new to PS emulation.

    If anyone could help me, i would really appreciate it.

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    Smile Re: Final Fantasy IX Problem

    hello Deriles,

    If your using epsxe 1.60 it freezes at some point in the game. The only thing you can do is try a different emulator. I would recommend PSXeven v0.19 but others work like epsxe 1.52,SSSPSX,pSX or Pcsx 1.5.

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    Default Re: Final Fantasy IX Problem

    I remember reading something somewhere about some final fantasy game freezing while using ePSXe version 1.60, but i didn't think it was FFIX.

    Thanks for the info ^^

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