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    Member filtering for who gets to register

    I'm starting to see a big boom in members who come in, don't even bother to say hi, and just go and ask their question like they own the damn forum. I'm sure none of us minds answering questions, but...
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    Re: Xbox 360 emulator? anyone?

    That was a hilarious post, dragondragon. You ACTUALLY expected to find an Xbox 360 emulator? An emulator for a current-generation console? Seriously?

    Do yourself a favor and buy the console like...
  3. Computer Problem: Re: Ps2 black and white problem ******PLEASE HELP*****

    I don't have the solution to your problem, but I can tell you bumping does NOT help. Wanna get banned? Then keep bumping. Otherwise, stop before Zach (uber moderator) sees this thread and bans you....
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    Re: PS3 emulator When

    Buy a PS3. I tried the Xbox emulator and it's pretty damn sluggish, even on my fast computer (PS1 runs like a charm though). If the Xbox original doesn't even have decent emulators yet, I doubt PS3...
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    Re: question: xbox emulating

    If your PC is really as crappy as you claim it is, then you can't run more modern consoles.

    Older consoles (NES, SNES, Genesis) have emulators that have on-board hardware to emulate the system's...
  6. Game Problem: Re: Which is best video game console sony or xbox?

    Screw Sony. They betrayed me so many times... F****** slackers! I prefer Nintendo. Get a NES or SNES... Oh that's not one of the choices?

    Get an Xbox then. Like ulaoulao said, it's Windows in a...
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    Re: ?Rondo of Blood rom?

    Couldn't you use the SNES port? I know many people say it's butchered but if you truly have exhausted every possibility of a PC-Engine port then SNES is the only way to go.
  8. Re: Is there an emulator to play vis games on xp?

    The Memorex VIS is a very rare console nowadays. Only about 70 or so games were made for it. Since it's so rare, I doubt anyone's made an emulator for it. I checked Google and got nothing. The VIS...
  9. Why banning violent games doesn't solve anything.

    I know why you're reading this thread. You wanna see what I can come up with - what kind of bullshit I can say that's pro-violent gaming that no one has said before? Well, I'm just gonna recycle a...
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    Sticky: Re: Where did you get your online name from?

    I got my name from an old game I used to play about business. I would go bankrupt a lot, which killed my account. Thus, I began adding numbers (first 1s, then 10s, then 100s) until eventually I...
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    Re: Windows 7/Ubuntu 9.10

    Windows 7 is really only a Vista upgrade, so emulators that work on Vista (practically every Windows-based emulator) should work on Windows 7.

    As for Ubuntu, I don't use Linux so I don't know...
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    Re: Windows 7 or vista..?

    I went with Windows 7, and I've never gone back since. On Vista, my laptop would constantly BSOD and the microphone and internet controls would screw around. No such problems on Windows 7. I...
  13. Thread: Hey guys

    by Bladex1200

    Hey guys

    I'm new, but your probably already knew that so... Let's get to my info.

    I've been emulating for about 2+ years now and I've used an emulator for almost every video game system (excluding...
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