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  1. Are there any good Xbox one emulators?

    Hello all, I'm looking for a good Xbox One emulator for windows 10 it would need to be Xbox One and allow logging into my microsoft account to download a game that isn't available anywhere else...
  2. Super Mario 3D World - Anyone else been converted?

    For once I was lost, but now I am found. With the recent second coming of Cat Mario, I now see the divine glory that is 3D World.

    I played it on the Wii u a few years ago and was not a fan at all....
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    Good Emulators?

    I was wondering what some of the best emulators for things such as the gameboy and the DS were, do any of you know some good, or well-reputable ones?
  4. How do you guys feel about emulators and those that use them?

    I know it's s controversial subject, but I feel that they are important to gaming. They give people access to games that they could never have before (such as regional differences) as well as opens...
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    Emulator Problem: Re: Good RPGS to emulate

    issue solved!!
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    Emulator Problem: Good RPGS to emulate

    I recently received a S20 plus phone and I want to emulate some games. I set up RETROARCH so far and I'm looking into what games to play. I enjoy RPGS( currently playing through DQ XI on PC and...
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