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  1. Thread: Win 10 or 7

    by therock003

    Win 10 or 7

    I've Read the sticky long ago which says win7 is a must for emulation but i'm still torn about this. I want to install a Windows OS purely for gaming, and since emulation is not going to be the only...
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    Sticky: Re: Windows 10 and emulation.

    Does it matter if its x86 or x64? Based on what you're saying, i'll have to dual boot into win 7 when i want to use emus
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    Re: N64 Emulator Wars

    So for each game i have to do the plugin compatibility check for optimal results? Isnt there some frontend or a way that adjusts this automatically and prepare each rom appropriately to save us the...
  4. Re: Best Way to pair ps3 controller with game profiles for emus

    Honestly i'm a newb so i'd ask for a little more of your patience

    -Can i use x360ce with a wireless ps3 controller? I would prefer this a ton more than having a usc bonnection between controller...
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    Re: N64 Emulator Wars

    Ok got the project64 2.2 portable and i'm lloking for the 2.3 latest build

    My most important question is how do i know which emulator is best for which game, and how do i get hd textures and best...
  6. Re: Best Way to pair ps3 controller with game profiles for emus

    I am looking for options only for my ps3 controller, not wired, and not for other wireless controllers. And i would not like to use it natively, i would like to create mappings of the buttons and...
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    N64 Emulator Wars

    I heard that PJ64 is running malware and adware in their latest builds and is best to steer away from that. Retroarch offers a couple of other N64 cores. Which one would you recommend so that i can...
  8. Best Way to pair ps3 controller with game profiles for emus

    I paired the controller on my desktop with scp, but i need a less invasive option that does not make exclusive use with the bluetooth dongle as i want to be able to use it with other things as well....
  9. Looking for powerful flexible system to run next-gen emulation.

    Since i'm on the road a lot, i am looking for a windows tablet or even small laptop, 10-12" max, with good cpu/gpu ram that will run the latest emus available. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 seems like a...
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