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    Re: Security tips!

    Sorry for bumping such an old thread but I think that this topic will always be popular and discussed. From my experience, I often check my pc for any suspicious and unknown software or any spy apps...
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    Re: Virus free Games

    Agree with the post above. To speak shortly I can recommend:
    - avoid visiting the websites that offer different games and software, especially if they ask you to sign in and leave your personal...
  3. Re: What are some safe emulators that I can download?

    or, sorry. I've seen that I must answer the question first or tell my opinion. I think that there is no matter where you downloads but you must remember about protecting your computer and data with...
  4. Re: What are some safe emulators that I can download?

    CAn you give some guides on how to work with it?
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    Re: Ultimate mortal Kombat 3

    MK is the best fighting
  6. Re: shaders for mega drive mini and retroarch

    Agree with opinion above
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