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  1. Re: How do you guys feel about emulators and those that use them?

    It actually damaged my experience. I used to emulate a lot. It is convenient, for sure, but it cannot beat the original. And after a list of 60-70 games, you already don't take them seriously and you...
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    Re: Nintendo 3DS Emulators

    Citra and RetroArch are top 2 for me. Didn't see the usage statistics, but I'm pretty much sure they have been popular.
  3. Re: SNES Super Advantage Joystick by ASCII to USB Question

    I used a Raphnet USB adapter for the original SNES controller. Currently choosing between Raphnet and Tomee adapters.
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    Re: Favorite system

    I remember Super Famicom (aka SFC). It was released in 1990. If I'm not mistaken, I tried both ZNES and Snes9x emulators.
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    Re: NES Classic or Homebrew Wii

    I use a CTR TV. Have you ever tried the SNES Mini package perhaps? I've seen a couple of positive reviews on reddit. Additionally, you may ask the guys on the GBATEMP forums.
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    Re: WII Controller and the Dolphin

    Which Dolphin version are you using? I never had any issues with Mayflash Dolphinbar. It doubles up as a sensor bar as well. I also tried Wiimote via bluetooth and a USB sensor bar. But then realized...
  7. Re: Just wanna give a quick shout out to the 8BitDo M30 Genesis controller.!!

    Hi there,

    I prefer Genesis 6 button controller (with Raphnet's adapter). I'm not saying a 8BitDo controller is worse or something. Though, I'd give it a try some say. The benefits I see in it:...
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    Re: Getting Disconnected

    Hi there,

    Probably, you need to disable WII remote 1 from the settings. I had this issue several times: each time the reason was in the settings. You need to check documents >> dolphin folder >>...
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    Re: Emulation with just a micro sd card?

    Hello Alex,

    I guess you need to have an ichfly gba emulator. And then perhaps, there could be an option to place Pokemon Fire Red ROM and GBA bios on your micro sd card.
  10. Re: Need help playing Pokemon Heartgold with an emulator

    Hi there,

    I've never actually tried DeSmuME, however, I was planning to download v0.9.11 but changed my mind and decided to get Citra 3DS instead. Perhaps, you need to try Citra 3DS as well (it's...
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