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  1. Re: St Valentines Day! How did you spend it? )

    As for me I don't quite like it and consider it a fake holiday as you shouldn't have extra excuses to remind about your love I suppose! So I treat it mostly negative! Maybe because I don't need a...
  2. St Valentines Day! How did you spend it? )

    Hi there!
    How did you spend SVD? Actually what is your attitude to this holiday? )
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    Re: Security tips!

    A friend of mine, who works as a programmer, shareв this article with me He said that when we hear...
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    Re: What is the game you expect the most?

    Yeah, it's a console game! One of the best I believe, at least among the ones I played personally! It's areally adictive game! I found myself thinking that every month I spend about 100-150$ on...
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    Security tips!

    Guys, hi!
    Let's share some security tips. While surfing the web I constantly stumble upon different articles about various vulnerabilities found in apps or OS. Let's share tips how to make our...
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    Re: First Travel Thread on the Forum!

    That's precisely the reason why I made up my mind to visit .. Africa this January, Tanzania to be exact ) saw loads of vids about this country and travelling there. Like this 1 ...
  7. Re: Favorite and Interesting Youtube Channel's

    also like different infotainment channels )
  8. Re: Favorite and Interesting Youtube Channel's

    Jay Alwarez and lots of singers )
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