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    Emulator Problem: Re: How to reset Mame game menu

    I'm likewise searching for mameui. However, presently I get that I have not refreshed adaptation of it. So I am not getting it.

    Fan from Spain.
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    Re: emulators for xbox

    A standard CD/MP3 player is not even close to the sort of PC a Bxox is, substantially less a work area PC; there is no genuine correlation. It simply has several chips in the deck that let it read...
  3. Re: MameUI64 opens to "All Systems" instead of opening to games

    I have mameui64 0.185 and the ROM on set I downloaded file is 0.185. So you are told that the extremely first time you open Mameui it's nice for there to be no big games and just list "All Systems"...
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