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    Emulator Problem: Re: Gamepad not working

    u should try the basics first

    see if the controller is detected and functions in windows itself. in..
    >control panel \ game controllers
    or >start \ run "joy.cpl" (is just the run sortcut for...
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    Re: Cemu msvcp110.dll Error !

    @jeruka9-san , data corruption is not the worst that could happen. what people should worry about is there Identity / Bank account info / other personal data or info being stolen. The average user...
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    Emulator Problem: Re: Emulators lagging and screen tearing

    jeruka9-san ur info is usually helpful. but in this case I'm going to have to Severely Disagree.

    Iv been out of hardware for a while, but what Im going to say probably still applies.

    like any...
  4. Re: Buzzing sound on ePSXe, broken animation on Mednafen

    there was a site with the term 'psxdatacenter' in its name that someone mentioned before.. that i believe has user settings listed for how they got various games to run. I never used the site, cause...
  5. Re: Buzzing sound on ePSXe, broken animation on Mednafen

    I maybe wrong, but I highly doubt it was the laptops specs. for reference tho outdated, as example, back in the day when i used epsxe, it was v1.6 and ran it on a Celeron bairly pushing 1ghz, using...
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    Game Problem: Re: Psxe games not working

    If u havn't already I'd recommend taking a look at the Readme or FAQ documents that come with the emulator, especially if your a newb. Most if not all emu's that Iv used Iv also noticed usually have...
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    Re: What am I doing wrong

    a couple words in there i think Robert overlooked, which turns this into an ultra newb question..

    dont extract roms, unless there .7z or .RAR ,newer versions of mame maybe able to read 7zip, but...
  8. Emulator Problem: Re: MAME Plus! XT - Popeye popping/clicking sound

    i don't know. i dont have that rom and i dont use frontends. I basically just use the old mame version for the old roms and the new version for the new roms.

    i can clearify ur ini confusion and...
  9. Emulator Problem: Re: MAME Plus! XT - Popeye popping/clicking sound

    depending on the system ur running, typically i notice the farther from v0.106 u get (higher versions that is) the more glitches may appear in the Old roms that ran fine on 106 and prior.

    here are...
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    Re: Playing Lan Coop on a PC/laptop.

    I havn't used genesis to any reasonable extent. but in general I can tell u, not all emulators are netplay enabled.

    I don't know of the most recent emu's, but some didn't have the feature built in...
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    Re: FCEUX fullscreen letterboxing

    If what cammy said is true, that would be odd. Tho I wouldn't know for that particular emu, i haven't uses NES.

    Tho I can say what other emu bahavior Iv encountered incase it applies.

  12. Emulator Problem: Re: SNES USB Controller's Buttons Working Sporadically - HELP!

    never used it, and am no controller expert. but a simple way to figure it out... this goes for most issues not just controller related..

    use multiple devices for process of elimination..
    try ur...
  13. Emulator Problem: Re: Can't get MAME to register any inputs during gameplay

    Indeed, emulators don't come pre-loaded with roms lol

    modern OS's have nothing to do with system specs, an old Intel might even work better than a brand new AMD, for emulation that is. i dunno to...
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    Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    I like the idea. but as jeruka9-san pointed out, I can see it not being popular.. only because people who mostly play such old NES games, i can only guess are probably doing it for nostalgia....
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    Emulator Problem: Re: New to this. Have a couple questions.

    the way i see it.

    based on the OPs post hes a complete newb, so his non descript vauge questions may Not be understandable, but i understand the intent.

    ulaoulao's join date shows he's been...
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    Emulator Problem: Re: Unable to run Tron rom??

    it appears your missing...

    file: 83s123.12d
    crc: e1281ee9
    descripton: Midway SSIO Sound Board

    but, thats the name on the mame version I have. I believe your using an...
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    Game Problem: Re: Trying to get House of the Dead working

    that thread says ~2007, Id assume ur not using the same stuff he is.. u maybe using the same mame version IF thats the version u downloaded ?

    I havn't used "hotd", but to answer ur question. he...
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    Re: ps1 controller

    thank u, thats sticky thread quality info. I knew nothing of adapters beyond using them.

    ...with that I guess this old thing works really good for what it is, being the worst and all. What I...
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    Re: ps1 controller

    I'll hijack this thread for a question Ill never create a topic for all its own. And make a suggestion for the OP based on assumptions due to lack of info.

    my question is kind of specific so i...
  20. Emulator Problem: Re: NullDC - unable to load any PVR (graphics) plugin

    I don't have experience with nullDC beyond trying it once on an old pc. I dont know but i can tell u...

    the old version had a chankaPvr plugin aswell, and required the 2005 microsoft visual...
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    Re: MameUI64 lagging on my computer?

    looks like u have a compound problem going on there...

    I don't have any experience emulating on AMD so I don't know what its actually capable of, but In general everyone reports Intel CPUs work...
  22. Re: How can I improve the quality of my emulations?

    i can't decipher if your using ISO's or the actual CD and the CDrom drive from your post.
    i never played anything above ff7, so dunno if ff9 is ps1 or 2.

    but ill mention, I've heard some people...
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    Re: Kawaks not reading SF2CE

    Im not sure why it bothers u. it could be simply redownloaded no? also u may already know but incase not, If u changed the Kawaks version u were using, that could be a cause for the error as well, I...
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    Re: Kawaks not reading SF2CE

    this is the last winkawaks version i have... the md5 or crc if u want to check if urs is corrupt
    and just fyi, my "sf2ce" says "(world 920513)"
    and a side note, tho may not apply to ur situation if...
  25. Emulator Problem: Re: Visual Boy Advance is not loading battery when i open a rom

    I still havnt used a gameboy emu yet...

    but if the options are similar to snes emu's, perhaps u can figure it out after i tell you...
    in snes emu's the in game save's(not save states) are called...
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