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  1. ePSXe doesn't let me save state or download cheat codes

    Playing Final Fantasy 5 on ePSXe right now. The F1 and F3 keys (which normally control save states and load states) don't seem to do anything. If I press Esc and select Run > Save State > Slot 1, all...
  2. Re: What PC specs do I need to run RPCS3 at a consistent 60fps?

    Can I even play PS2 games on RPCS3?
  3. What PC specs do I need to run RPCS3 at a consistent 60fps?

    For example, my PC is currently boasting an AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB of DDR4 Ram, and a Geforce GTX 1070ti. Should I be able to run a consistent 60fps? Or do I need to upgrade?
  4. Final Fantasy Origins PS1 ePSXe emulator: "unknown opcode 0000000F at 00000004"

    I'm playing Final Fantasy 2 on Origins on the PS1. Specifically, I'm using the ePSXe emulator.

    I'm at the part where Leon is about to re-join the group, and I get this message:...
  5. Re: How do I play Final Fantasy Origins on PS1 using Bizhawk?

    Actually, nevermind. I downloaded ePSXe instead and it worked like a charm.
  6. How do I play Final Fantasy Origins on PS1 using Bizhawk?

    I downloaded bizhawk and then an Final Fantasy Origins rom. Instead of ISO, the game was instead in a .bin file. Well, whenever I try to load the rom, it just says that I lack the "firmware."

  7. Mesen, ZSNESW, and VisualBoy Advance do not work

    Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I haven't been able to load any emulators. Mesen and ZSNESW both immediately freeze up and stop responding as soon as the emulator loads, before I can even load a...
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    How do I remove layers on Dolphin?

    I'm on the Dolphin emulator, playing a Wii game. I'm trying to get a shot of the background of a game without the characters or other assets getting in the way. How do I get rid of those front assets?
  9. Re: Paper Mario always freezes at the same spot

    That one specifically says in the beginning (via annotation) that it's outdated since Project 64 has been updated since then.

    Anyway, I put the Glide64.dll files in the "PRoject64\plugin" folder,...
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    Super Paper Mario control issue

    I'm playing Super Paper Mario on the Dolphin emulator. I'm using an Xbox 360 controller. I've got the left thumbstick controling the movement, the D-pad controlling the "tilt" function, the right...
  11. Re: Paper Mario always freezes at the same spot

    Ok, I don't have a CLUE what you just said! Can you speak in English?
  12. Re: Paper Mario always freezes at the same spot

    How do I switch video plugins? I didn't even know I had multiple.
  13. Paper Mario always freezes at the same spot

    When I have the scripted battle against Bowser at the beginning of the game, I can hit Bowser without issue, but the game crashes as soon as Bowser takes his first shot at me. It's always immediately...
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    BIOS file for SvR 2007

    I just downloaded PCSX2 1.2.1 and I think it managed to load ok. After 90 minutes of downloading, I finally got "Smackdown vs. Raw 2007" extracted into a folder I think I can remember.

    This is...
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    Re: Super Paper Mario rom

    Well, isn't that strange? Considering that this entire SITE is dedicated to precisely this purpose.

    So... you're saying that this would be PRECISELY as economical to my wallet as emulating?
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    Super Paper Mario rom

    I'm looking for a Super Paper Mario rom for use on my Dolphin emulator. I do NOT like to use torrent software, because they're constantly running in the background, bogging down my computer and...
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    Re: Problems with Paper Mario cheats.

    I told you, Project 64.
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    Can't map controller to ZSNES

    I encountered a problem with ZSNES that could only be fixed by uninstalling and re-installing the emulator.

    Ok, now that I've reinstalled in the emulator, it's time to map my Xbox 360 controller...
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    Problems with Paper Mario cheats.

    I'm playing Paper Mario on Project 64.

    For the most part, I just want to play naturally. However, I don't want to be restricted to just 30 badge points.

    So I used the built-in cheat for max...
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    How to put in cheats on dolphin?

    I'm playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii on the Dolphin, and I want to put in some of these codes:

    But, I can't figure out how to put them in. On the...
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    Dolphin won't work.

    I've downloaded the Dolphin emulator, and I extracted all the files to a "dolphin" folder on my desktop.

    However, when I go to that folder and double click the application, it says that I'm...
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    Re: Game Genie codes on Nestopia

    I clicked the circle, and the box is still grayed out!

    If the solution were that simple, I wouldn't be coming on here for help!
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    Re: Game Genie codes on Nestopia

    You didnt.

    I cant type in the "game genie" space. It's grayed out.
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    Game Genie codes on Nestopia

    I can't figure out how I'm supposed to put in game genie codes into my Nestopia emulator. I'm playing Legend of Zelda, and I want invincibility so that I can just go around an explore the world...
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    Re: 1964 emulator doesn't work.

    D-Stick is the left analog stick. C-Stick is the right analog stick. Get it? DIRECTION stick? CAMERA stick? In most modern games, that's what those two analog sticks are used for.

    I've got...
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