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  1. VBA link: how to play normal save files on second windows?

    So for VBA that has link/wireless adaptor capabilities, when I open another window for the emulator (same if I open a third one and etc), I cannot play the save files that are normally accessed via...
  2. FRLG - How to use vbalink180b to play Pokemon Jump and Dodrio Berry Picking?

    I am using vbalink180b (since the two minigames in FRLG require a wireless adapter), but whenever I try to go into the room (or sometimes I do get into the room but then it happens in the middle of...
  3. How to get VBA (link 1.72 version) to 1000% speed?

    I originally was able to play VBA at 1000% using speed up toggle with no problem. But I think I hit a button on my keyboard by accident and my VBA is suddenly slowed down at 300% speed even when...
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