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    Re: Worst games ever

    I love ARPGs, but these 2 games really disappoint me:

    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Tremendous balancing issues, it's a game released way too early, and they've given us nothing but extremely...
  2. Re: What PC specs do I need to run RPCS3 at a consistent 60fps?

    It's possible some of them work, if you use the dumps from the PSN store. Check the compatibility list. Outside of running games that were on PS2 that happened to also be sold on the PS3's PSN...
  3. Re: What are some safe emulators that I can download?

    If they try to funnel you through a gauntlet of advertising pages, they're probably not legit. That's true for just about anything else on the internet as well, with few exceptions. Showing...
  4. Thread: Hello!

    by chaosblade02


    I mostly prefer retro games these days, and frequently game via emulation.

    I decided to register when I saw someone make a post suggesting that AMD CPUs weren't good for emulation. This is now...
  5. Re: What PC specs do I need to run RPCS3 at a consistent 60fps?

    The minimum specs to get full speed in most games is Intel (Haswell) 4th Gen CPU, or AMD Ryzen CPU. I have a Ryzen 5 1600x, and every game I tried runs full speed, and more actually. Some games run...
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