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  1. Re: Medal Of Honor Playstation 1: How do I get 3 Stars for a mission?

    In mission 'The Siegfried Forest' I had two results:

    69 Enemies killed, 75% health
    69 Enemies killed, 100% health

    According to the Manual (75% health, 95% enemies killed) both results...
  2. Re: Medal Of Honor Playstation 1: How do I get 3 Stars for a mission?

    Now I got three stars, I was able to find and kill 25 enemies and health was almost 100%.
    Also, I read the manual and it says 75% health and 95% Enemies killed is necessary to get 3 Stars (it is the...
  3. Medal Of Honor Playstation 1: How do I get 3 Stars for a mission?

    In the mission 'Rooftops of Dachsmag' I have the following statistics,
    but got only ONE!!!! star for it:

    Accuracy: 82 %
    Hits taken: 13
    Enemies killed: 22

    I have also destroyed both trucks...
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    Game Problem: Soviet Strike 'Strike Agent killed'

    I Just began playing this Game.

    In the First Level Crimea after some time it's Always 'Strike Agent killed' (SNAFU) and the Mission ist terminated and I Shall return to Base...
    What does this...
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    Game Problem: Fade to black PS 1 can't enter open room

    Can not enter open room here:
    In the Game Fade to black in the corridor where there are a light square and then two pairs of dark squares I walk over the light square to Open the door at the end of...
  6. Thread: Gods

    by Crazy C


    Does anyone know If there is a Limit or maximum of weapon Power for the weapons (knife, throwing Stars etc.)?
    When you buy a weapon three Times you throw 3 of them at the same time, but If you buy...
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    Emulator Problem: PTWOE for Android

    Does someone know this emulator?
    How to get it working, it complaints about a missing PS 2 BIOS.
    I have the BIOS, but the emulator refuses to detect and use it.
    DamonPS2 only works with OpenGL 3...
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    Game Problem: Impossible Mission for PSP

    I have a version of this game for Playstation Portable which seem to have several bugs:

    After moving to the right area of the network of rooms I can not get to the left side again, because there...
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