Who likes Xbox original?


I like it, but it has ceased production of the original Xbox One model when the Xbox One S model came out in 2017.


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If u mean for nostalgic reasons, then yeah the Xbox original has a special place in my heart.

However, today i can't see myself playing on the xbox original simply due to the specs haha, again maybe for nostalgic reasons - but not consistently :)


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hey guys FaresIsXD I wonder how many people like Xbox original here:confused:

After using the Xbox One X( Scorpio edition )since it's release date, here are my opinions on it.

You probably own a regular Xbox one and you been wanting to upgrade to the Xbox One X, but is it worth spending another $500 ?

If you plan to own a lot of 4k movies then the Xbox one X is worth every penny + more.

X1X is a 4k movie player + an Xbox one S with a much faster hard drive that plays 4k games at various qualities.

If you have a 360 your best bet is the Xbox One S( 4k movie player and an Xbox One combined) for $200-250.

If you have a regular xbox one and you only plan to use the Xbox One X just for gaming, it's definitely not worth it.

Xbox one X will offer "slightly" better gaming resolution, and slightly better picture quality in a 4K HDR screen compared to the one, only small differences that the eye can see(Assuming that you have 20/20 vision).

"slight" improvements is not worth $500.

You will only notice a difference if you have a 55" 4k HDR TV or bigger, or if you sit 6 feet or less from your tv screen, even then you're only getting "slight" improvements that the eye can see. To see those differences you have to look for them very carefully, side by side comparison.

Only games that are built from the ground up in native 4k like Forza 7 will see a big difference in "eye test" quality. (WoT is "enhanced" 4k)

In a year or two when most best casino games are built from the ground up in 4k and the X is at $350-$399 then yes it will be worth it.


your best bet is to buy a 250GB SSD for your original Xbox One, Getting an SSD is going to be the best bang for your buck.

Improve every game that you own by being it able to load it much faster, save time on every loading screen.

Think of it as your mid gen refresh, and you can keep your SSD forever, use it for any pc or upcoming gen consoles.

I recommend the crucial MX300 275GB SSD SATA Drive $92.99 on Amazon.(230GB after you install it to the one) or 525 GB for $149 or a

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD $84.99 amazon on sale now, save $65(top 5 fastest sata SSD 1-3% faster than the MX300 listed above).

keep the 1-3 games that you are currently playing on the SSD to make them load faster. Once you are done with a game and feel that you won't be playing it regularly then transfer it back to your internal hard drive. Any game that you want to "speed" up must be installed on the SSD.

you will also need a cable adapter to be able to use the MX300 externally on your Xbox one.