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Emulator Release: Mednafen 1.25.0-UNSTABLE


1.25.0-UNSTABLE: --

June 27, 2020:
SS: Implemented more accurate emulation of VDP1 drawing of excessively-large primitives.
It's not perfect, there's still something weird going on with antialiasing, and the effects on gradient shading
and texturing are not fully emulated, but it's enough to fix missing graphics in the attract mode of "Virtua Cop",
and a hang after defeating the final boss in "Rayman".

SS: Fixed an off-by-1 inaccuracy in the edge stepping code for sprites and polygons, with minor visible effects in
non-rectangular sprites/polygons.



New member
I was searching that in all of my social media where to find and all, but at last I found it! Thanks Buddy!
for the link!