Medal Of Honor Playstation 1: How do I get 3 Stars for a mission?

Crazy C

New member
In the mission 'Rooftops of Dachsmag' I have the following statistics,
but got only ONE!!!! star for it:

Accuracy: 82 %
Hits taken: 13
Enemies killed: 22

I have also destroyed both trucks
at the end of the mission I had a health of 100%


Crazy C

New member
Now I got three stars, I was able to find and kill 25 enemies and health was almost 100%.
Also, I read the manual and it says 75% health and 95% Enemies killed is necessary to get 3 Stars (it is the Playstation version).
So accuracy does not matter at all.

Crazy C

New member
In mission 'The Siegfried Forest' I had two results:

69 Enemies killed, 75% health
69 Enemies killed, 100% health

According to the Manual (75% health, 95% enemies killed) both results should be worth 3 Stars,
but for the first result I got only 2 stars...


The Man
Man what a good game! I need to pull up my stats and see how many 3 stars I got. I remember trying to 100% this game back in the day.