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  1. Roor

    DuoS DSEMU released

    I just uploaded the builds to the blog, so anyone interested can try it. I hope you can post some feedback, about your experience and what would you like for it to be improved on in its next release. You can get it at its blog Thanks to you all for your continuous...
  2. Roor

    Just my intro

    Hello, My name is Roor, I love playing old games, not just because there might be old titles which are amazingly superior to some of the most recent releases... Because of that, I worked on some emulation and other unrelated software projects, since as far as 1998 ( time flies! )... I do not...
  3. Roor

    Emulator Problem: Working on a NDS emu

    Hello, My name is Roor. I worked coding some emulators and stuff in the past, and as a hobby I've begun working on a NintendoDS emulator, something like 4 or 5 months ago. It is actually quite slow, has no sound, almost no settings to play around, and it is still lacking in lots of aspects...